We operate local passenger and school services throughout Miranda, Caringbah, Gannons Point, Port Hacking, Dolans Bay and Lilli Pilli as well as coach services for friendly professional touring and sightseeing.

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Route Map

If you are from out of town or unsure where we operate then view our bus network map or the local area bus route index. The route index will help you maximise the use of our bus services for shopping, family fun or just getting to work.

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Bus Charter

No matter what your group, or what size, Tiger Tours have a vehicle that's just right for you. With our years of experience we can tailor an itinerary that you're sure to love, and at a price to suit your budget.

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Caringbah Bus Service

Your Region 11 Bus Operator

Getting There On Time

Getting to your event on time is never an issue - we have an outstanding record and plan to keep it that way. So if it's an event, going to school for your ABC's, getting to a party or a funeral. Be assured we always do everything we can to get you there on time.


I've been to many bus rides but nothing compares to the one provided by Caringbah Bus Service. Their staff is polite and very accommodating of our questions. I never imagined a bus ride could be this enjoyable. I highly recommend them.

- Bill, www.FuneralCare.com.au

I feel safe with Caringbah Bus Service, and their tours are simply marvelous and just right for the budget.

- Liz,

What I love about Caringbah Bus Service is their comprehensive timetable and bus routes, plus they have a readable map. You'll surely won't get lost!

- Jakob, www.actionsolution.com.au